My long term vision

I can only try, by taking action

Although I encourage what I believe in personally, I understand that every person, community & country has different indigenous, spiritual, cultural, religious & political belief systems & values which I personally believe should be respected. They may also have different situations, circumstances & priorities in life which may mean less or different options available. The world does not revolve around my opinions or beliefs but I can only try to make a difference & positive impact in the way I feel that I am able to do so.

I encourage vegan lifestyle for anyone who is able to, but I also respect that freedom of choice is every individual’s right. I understand that some people’s circumstances can lead to the absence of freedom of choice which decides their fate, sometimes against their own personal preferences & wishes.

To communicate positive messages with a purpose & to create positive impact to :

  • Inspire you to be the best version of yourself so you can become a positive role model for your community & beyond borders, to help build stronger nations for a wider world community. This will hopefully inspire others too, to become the best version of themselves. The intention of wanting to do what is best for yourself and for others makes us accountable towards the human race. This is in the hope of progress towards human values, respect for one another, caring for each other, world unity & a universal brotherhood & sisterhood. Being a positive role model for global communities & helping others through selfless service empowers people. A sense of unity & peaceful relations between different cultures & communities bloom
  • Encourage the creation of positive role model leaders with a conscience, for the next generations
  • Encourage unconditional love, humble selfless service, caring & sharing. To have the opportunity to be of service to living beings through selfless service, caring & sharing is a true blessing which deserves deep gratitude
  • Promote the power of here & now – to do, be & become what you want, for a positive greater cause

To create & encourage the use of natural, biodegradable, organic, vegan, environmentally friendly materials because :

  • I wish to contribute towards raising awareness & encouraging others to take action towards preserving planet earth
  • Non-biodegradable materials such as plastic are polluting & cluttering the earth, killing wildlife, putting living beings in danger & are hazardous to health
  • Chemicals & pesticides are toxic to the soil, seas, humans, animals, nature, wildlife, environment & planet earth
  • Taking responsibility for our planet is vital for preserving species & the health quality of all life forms. The survival of all life forms heavily depends on the health & survival of planet earth. Humans are responsible for taking responsibility as we are the ones causing damage to planet earth
  • Respect for nature is as important as respect for humanity. Remember, nature can survive without humans, humans cannot survive without nature
  • To create, with animal respect in mind, to encourage vegan lifestyle, animal respect & animal rights because :
  • Animals are leading role models of unconditional love
  • Animals are innocent & “voiceless”
  • Animals have every right to life, to live on their own terms in their own habitat, to be treated with respect & dignity & to have freedom
  • Just as human rights are a birth right & not a privilege that just a select few individuals should be entitled to, all animals should be treated equally with respect, regardless of whether they are domesticated pets or wild animals
  • Humans should co-exist with animals by treating them fairly, by sharing the space on planet earth with them. The planet is not ours alone to inhabit. Humans do not have a monopoly on planet earth. The planet belongs to animals to inhabit as equally as it belongs to humans. Animals have every right as humans do, to roam this earth freely & peacefully without threat to their life, home & natural habitat. Remember, they were here well before us