About me

My name is Soni

I am a writer & filmmaker
(poetry style)
I prefer my writing centred
I do not use full stops in my poetry
I believe there are no full stops in life, only pauses

I do not have educational qualifications in writing
I studied a degree in Ethnomusicology at,
School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), University of London
There, I also had the chance to learn about cinema

I like to be unconventional & different

I love achieving goals that have never been accomplished before because I believe it inspires & encourages others to believe in their own non-conventional visions too, which others may perceive to be unrealistic

I believe in trying to be the best version of yourself & to use this mindset towards creating positive impact. For me, this philosophy extends to anything I create – it too should be the best version of what it can possibly be

I wish to communicate through my writing because I believe,
communication has the ability to inspire purpose in life

We are all temporary guests here on planet Earth
So it is best to create a life full of purpose,
by creating a positive impact in the world,
during our limited time here as visitors